Tree of Heaven

Title: 천국의 나무 / Chun-kook-eh Na-moo / Tree of Heaven
Chinese title :天国的树
Japanese Name: 天国の樹 / Tengoku no ki
Also known as: Heaven’s Tree / Trees in Heaven
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: SBS/Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2006-02-08 to 2006-03-09
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM

Tree of heaven plot

Hana is a bright young girl who lost her father at a young age. When her mother returns to Japan, she comes with her new Korean husband and his son Yunsuh. Yunsuh’s mother died during his 10th birthday and after her death, he becomes autistic. While Hana is fond of her new step-brother, he wants nothing to do with her. When their parents leave on their honeymoon, Hana’s mother leaves the children with her deceased husband’s sister who will manage their inn during the trip. While they are gone, the aunt and her daughter Maya abuse Hana and make plans to sell the inn in order to pay for gambling debts and college. Despite all of this, Hana finds comfort in her brother who begins to open up to her and eventually speaks after Yunsuh’s Birthday. As they start to have feelings for one another, Hana is afraid to love him. She soon leaves with ‘sunbeh ryu’ who also likes her. Later on, Maya gets jealous, and decides to make Hana’s life even more miserable.
Lee Wan as Yoon-suh 윤서 (20-22)
Park Shin Hye 박신혜 as Hana 하 나 (18-20)
Asami Reina as Maya 마야 (19-21)
Uchida Asahi as Fujiwara Ryu 후지와라 류 (20-22)
Jung Dong Hwan 정동환 as Yoon Soo-ha 윤수하 (Yoon-suh’s father, 40)
Kim Chung 김 청 as Yoko 요 코 (Maya’s mother, 40)
Mire Aika 아이카 미레 as Michiko 미찌코 (Hana’s mother, 40)
다카스기 코오 as Iwa 이와 (40)
Lee Jung Kil 이정길 as Bo Seu 보 스 (50)
Sung Sun Im 성선임(소닌) as Mika 미카 (Hana’s friend, 18-20)
Production Credits
Chief Producer: Huh Woong 허웅
Producer: Ko Kyung Hee 고경희
Writer: Moon Hee Jung 문희정 / Kim Nam Hee 김남희
Director: Lee Jang Soo
Asst. Director: Jo Soo Won 조수원
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